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Webinar Details

General Interest Sessions:

Direct Mail Preparation/Processing

If it seems that pulling together a mailing list for your Annual Fund or Direct Mail program creates a sense of frustration, futility or fear, this session can help get things moving in a better direction.

We'll discuss methods for selecting recipients, ensuring that the wrong people do not receive your mailing and job aids that can help you and your staff get it right.

Effective Segmentation

Whatever fundraising software you're organization is using, you need the capability to effectively segment your database to more effectively appeal to your donors. Segmentation has come a long way since we started dividing our data by current donors, lapsed donors and non-donors!

This new webinar will cover the three most important factors in segmentation; discuss how data should be structured to get you the results you want; and we'll share stories about segmentation successes and near-misses.

Fundraising Using Social Media

Using social media for fundraising is a process that requires thought, observation, staff resources, research and commitment. 

This webinar will help you make sense of the process, adjust your expectations and provide a realistic path to social media fundraising success.

Internal Procedures Manual: Where's Yours?

How to start, what to include, who to involve, when to update

Does your Development office have an internal policies/procedures manual?  Without this critical document, it becomes more difficult to ensure that all protocols are followed correctly, all donor information is secure and your office is an effective steward for each of your donors.  In addition to internal systems and policies, this document should detail standards for data entry and management.

Making the Most of Your Human Resources

The focus of CJW's work is about helping nonprofits makes the most effective use of their software resources. That said, we are always aware that people enter the data, generate the output, interpret and respond to requests from colleagues, etc. There is no software without the people who manage it.

We have a responsibility to do our best to ensure that our staff members are in a position to do their best work. Sometimes this involves training, but often there are other factors, be they environmental, interpersonal, or organizational, that can keep people from being the best they can be.

Join us for this webinar to learn more about Human Resource Development (HRD), how consulting with a HRD professional can vastly improve your office's productivity, and how you can implement strategies that will keep your organization moving forward!

Managing Major Gift Fundraising

Meeting the needs of your Major Gift officers

Whatever software product your organization is using, its ability to track the process of cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major donors is critical.  This session will address the ways in which your existing software is, can be, or should be, meeting the needs of your Major Gifts Officers.

Managing Phonathon Preparation/Follow-Up

Sometimes, making the phone calls is the easy part! If your organization finds it a challenge to pull information to be included for use by callers, or your staff is finding it difficult to keep track of the various responses and the associated actions required, join us to hear about best practices and tricks of the trade. We'll discuss methods for selecting people to be contacted, ensuring the the wrong people do not hear from you, and tracking responses efficiently.

Staffing Software-Related Positions

What you really need to know about staffing these key positions

Finding the right staff person to effectively manage fundraising data can be a challenge. Whether you are seeking a position in a Development office or needing to fill such a position, this webinar is for you!  We’ll cover qualifications that candidates should have to be considered for a data management position; salary expectations; tools you can use to test for the skills you need, and more. Anyone who has ever hired the WRONG person for a position like this cannot afford to miss this session.

Introduction to Human Performance Technology (HPT)

If you have staff members who don’t seem to be measuring up to your expectations, or you’re wondering if the level of performance you are seeing is the best that can be expected, we have an answer for you.

Human Performance Technology (HPT) Consulting will identify performance gaps, analyze possible causes for lack of productivity, design solutions to improve performance, develop and implement the solutions, and evaluate the financial and non-financial benefits.

Social Media

A look at how Twitter, Facebook, and other social media outlets can help you with your mission.

Who Wants a Wiki?

How to develop an interactive platform for staff, donors, friends, etc.

Reasonable Expectations

When you ask for a report, do you find yourself wondering why it seems to take so long to arrive? As you're preparing your direct mail budget for the next appeal, are you held up waiting for projected numbers for each segment?

If you feel that you're too often left waiting for information in order to move your fundraising program forward, we can help you determine whether the problem lies with the data management staff -- or with your expectations.

Join us for this new webinar and compare notes with your peers, get feedback from those seasoned in data processing and management and learn whether it is your staff that needs training or your expectations that need some adjustment.

Raiser's Edge Sessions:

Raiser's Edge General Q&A

Our Raiser's Edge Q&A sessions are all about you and your organization. While we realize that you can always call Blackbaud for support, in many instances people end up getting something of a "cookie cutter" response that does not always meet their needs.

If you have questions about best practices, specific challenges you have come up against, additional modules your organization is considering, other Blackbaud products and whether they are right for you, we're here to help.

The Raiser's Edge I

An overview of the features and functions of this comprehensive product

If your organization is considering purchasing Raiser’s Edge, you’re an individual who hopes to be able to find a position in a Development Office using it, or you want a broad overview for existing staff, this webinar will meet your needs.

We’ll demonstrate many of the key features of the software including a general overview of the product; effective data entry; gift processing; and an introduction to Query

The Raiser's Edge II

Part 2 of an overview of the features and functions of this comprehensive product

In Intro to Raiser's Edge II, we cover more advanced Query concepts including complex queries and merging of queries; followed by an overview of Mail, Export and Standard Reports, the basic output functions in RE.

Events Module

An overview of the functionality of this module and a discussion of how/when it is most useful

This session will cover the value of the Events module for different types of events.  We’ll walk you through setting up an event, registering attendees, seating people, entering sponsors, linking gifts to events or events to gifts, and much more.  If you have been thinking about acquiring or implementing this add-on, or would like to see if your organization is using it as effectively as possible, this webinar will be of value to you.


A look at all five of the ways Raiser's Edge allows data to be exported

Raiser's Edge offers no less than five separate areas from which data can be exported. This webinar will demonstrate each and discuss which method should be used when -- and why one should never be used at all!

Gift Entry/Acknowledgment

Is your organization managing gift entry and acknowledgment as effectively as possible? This webinar will show attendees how to maximize the efficiency of Raiser's Edge gift entry, validation and acknowledgment. If you feel like too much time is being spent on gift entry, or your acknowledgments are not being sent in a timely manner, this webinar is for you!

Mail Function

Managing the Mail section of RE

The Raiser’s Edge Mail area is a treasure trove of functionality.  Not only can you quickly prepare labels, envelopes, basic merge letters, acknowledgments, reminders, and other types of correspondence common to Development offices, but there is “hidden functionality” built into most of the mail features that can help make all kinds of mailings easier and quicker to prepare!

Prospect/Search Module

Effective setup and use of the add-on

If your organization is tracking moves management, conducting a capital campaign or a major gift campaign, you'll want to see how the RE:Search module can help advance your efforts. We'll talk about the value of this add-on and help you decide if it can help you.


Demystifying the query function

With hundreds of pieces of information to work with and myriad ways to approach things in Raiser’s Edge, using Query can be a challenge, to put it mildly.  This session will help bring clarity to Query, starting with tips on finding the right information, then demonstrating basic queries and also covering complex queries and merges.


The Administration and Configuration areas of Raiser's Edge offer great functionality which, if used properly, can allow for vastly increased productivity and efficiency.

Join us for this newly-updated session where we'll cover several Admin functions (Global Add, Global Change, Duplicate Processing) and also learn about Configuration (Business Rules, Tables/Table Cleanup, Attributes, Addressees/Salutations and more!)

Standard Reports

A look at standard reports, including the ones you're probably not using but should be

Raiser's Edge offers literally hundreds of standard reports.  It's a challenge to find time to go through them all and learn what they can and can't do for you. We'll walk you through a number of reports from various report categories, including many that you probably don't know are there!

Tribute Module

We'll guide you through the setup and use of the Tribute module

The tribute module allows you to effectively track people in whose honor or memory gifts are made; notify family members and friends of gifts given, and quickly prepare reports or rosters.  If you have been thinking about acquiring or implementing this add-on, or would like to see if your organization is using it as effectively as possible, this webinar will be of value to you.

Volunteer Module

An overview of the volunteer module for new users and/or organizations considering acquiring it

If your organization is tracking volunteer data without this add-on module, here's your chance to take a look at whether or not you need it.  If it's in place already and you'd like to know more about setting it up and using it effectively, this webinar is also perfect for you.  

Raiser's Edge Platinum Sessions:

Import Utility Basic

This session will introduce you to the Raiser's Edge Import utility. We'll take you through the Import screens; show you how to prepare data for a basic name/address import; and talk about what you always need to know before importing data into RE.

Moving on, we will walk you through importing relationships, addressee/salutations, actions, gifts and more.

Segmentation in Raiser's Edge

Where to start: Query? Reports? Export? Mail? Appeals/Packages? Let us help you find the best way to build segments that can help increase your bottom line. Starting with making sure you are capturing data you can use, moving through effective use of query for segmentation and incorporating a function that many RE users report they have never used (but can save you hours of time!) this webinar will make you a segmentation master in no time!

Moves Management in Raiser's Edge (With or Without Prospect/Search)

The process of successfully soliciting major gifts requires organization, a plan, and strategic data. With the Prospect module, RE has added additional functionality to allow for tracking of prospect research, financial information and more. For organizations without this module, it's still possible to track the most important information needed for major gift solicitations.

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